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Experiencing Pottery
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  Xixia Culture Park Handmade Pottery Hall is the only one that builds pottery by hands in Yinchuan area. Li Wukui, the pottery building master, personally supervise and guide the work, wherein, the Xixia Yuewu Feitian, which won the Boutique Gold Award of 2015 “Hundred Flowers Cup” Chinese Arts and Crafts, the Pottery Whistle, which won the Gold Award of Chinese “Jimei” Folk Arts and Crafts Boutique Expo, Xixia Chime, which won the Museum of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, etc. were all built by this potter hall. It has contributed greatly to the tourism products of Ningxia going internationally. The Pottery Hall covers a land of over 800m2, boutique potters representing the highest level of pottery making in Xixia, including Doubleheader, Xixia Chime, KALAVIUK, etc. are exhibited in the hall.

  The tourists can also experience the fun of pottery making in the pottery hall.


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