An appointment at the foot of Helan Mountain; an invitation from the mysterious Xixia Culture Park

Welcome to Xixia Culture Park Resort

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Dear friends! Welcome to Xixia Culture Park. Xixia Culture Park is located at Xixia District Yinchuan City, next to Xigan Channel in the east, air force railway in the south, National Highway 110 in the west and Beijing West Road in the north. The area has a good public transport network and beautiful environment. The park, together with the resort of Xixia Imperial Tombs, Zhenbeibu Western China Film Studios, Helan Mountain Resort, Gunzhongkou Resort, etc. has formed a golden tourism zone, which is a highlight of eastern Helan Mountain area culture tourism belt and big Yinchuan tourism circle.

In the park, you can find the eight major tribes ( the Tuobas, the Miqins, the Yelis, the Fangdangs, the Pochaos, the Wanglis, the Feitings and the Xifengs) of Tangut nationality of the ancient Xixia Empire, which were the prototypes of eight fortresses in the park. The park organically combines ancient Xixia culture such as agriculture, printing, pottery, nomadism, military affairs, brewing, etc. with modern civilization, including five-star hotel, lake resort villa, ski (grass-ski) resort, golf training, recreational fishing center, outward training, children entertainment, etc. through five main regions, namely Dreaming Back to Xixia, Statecraft Xixia, Competition in Xiaxia, Modern Xixia and Appreciation Xixia, and takes cultural gourmet street and camping area as the supporting facilities of tourism destination to provide the best services to you.

The buildings in the park condense the quintessence of the Xixia buildings, with both magnificent royal buildings and leisure humble cottages by the lake side and in the woods. In this park, tourists can find exquisite Xixia architectural art; the landscape in the park is delicate with beautiful scenery, with both boundless northern-frontier scene and Jiangnan style bridges and waters. Pavilions are spreading in the park, with birds twitter here and there and fragrance of flowers. It is a tremendous place for leisure and sightseeing.

Finally, we wish you a happy tour!